Thursday, 3 September 2015

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week

Melbourne Spring Fashion Week is officially here, and the opening gala on Monday in Melbourne's Town Hall was nothing short of spectacular. The crowd was oozing with excitement as the lights went dim and the talented violinist started playing as the gorgeous models started to walk down the runway. Australian labels featured in this show included akira, AURELIO COSTARELLA, Carla Zampatti, CHRISTINE, CRAIG BRAYBROOK COUTURE, Gwendolynne, JASONGRECH, nevenka, nicolangëla, Rachel Gilbert and Zhivago. One after the other the designs that were being presented indicated signs of old trends coming back into the spotlight, as well as some new ones that will be making their way into our closets very soon.

The runway showed us lots of glimmers of gold in beautiful gowns that were in embellished and extremely detailed from top to toe, as well as sequins, not only in gold but deep green and red too! Get ready for your threads to stand out from the crown this Spring with a little bit of bling.

There was also a lot of monochrome and sleek sheer materials that wowed the crowd.

Dresses with trains that make big statements. 

And of course, it being Spring and all there was a pop of colour.

The fashion show was a fantastic night out and really gave a good look into the trends that will be coming in this Spring. Along with the beautiful ensembles, there was also some jewellery trends that we spotted along the run way including BIG earrings and long chains and lockets.